• Clothes students should bring for the school year


  2  sweaters

  4  pairs of casual pants (jeans, etc)

  4  casual shirts

  2  white polo shirts (all white)

  4  white short sleeve dress shirts with button down collar (all white)

  2  brown belts

15  sets of underwear and white undershirts

10  pairs of brown socks

10  pairs of white socks

  2  pairs of brown dress shoes (leather, not suede or fabric)

  2  pairs of tennis shoes

  1  pair of soccer shoes (no metal cleats)

  1  pair of swimming trunks

  2  pairs of shorts

  1  track suit:  sweatshirt, pants and lightweight jacket (color blue is preferred)

  4  pajamas (2 for spring, 2 for winter)

  1  bathrobe (at least knee length)

  2  complete sets of toiletries (comb, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste,

      shoe polish, nail clipper, etc)

  3  sets of thermal underwear (long sleeve undershirt and long johns). *

  Winter jacket *

  Snow pants *

  Snow boots *


  * These items can be purchased at the academy


  • Articles students will receive at Oaklawn Academy for the school year


  2 sweaters for ordinary uniform

  1 vest for ordinary uniform

  1 short sleeve blue polo shirt

  1 long sleeve blue polo shirt

  4 white dress long sleeve shirts for ordinary uniform

  3  pairs of khaki uniform pants

  1 blue blazer for gala uniform

  1 blue jacket

  4 pairs of sports shorts for clinics

  4 sports t-shirts for clinics

  2 ties for ordinary uniform

  2 towels

  4 laundry bags

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