Oaklawn Academy cooperates with parents in the integral formation of their sons.  This is accomplished through a unique and personalized motto: to teach, to educate, to form.

Oaklawn’s curriculum is designed both to support and challenge your son’s abilities in an English speaking environment.  

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There are four different Academic Courses at Oaklawn: 

Annual Course - September to June

This course runs from September through early June. It is divided into four terms. The students follow a challenging and rigorous American curriculum and are given the opportunity to participate in a number of intensive language activities to gain further mastery of spoken English.  Faculty and staff work with students to determine needs and meet individual goals.  All annual course students take the TOEFL, JR. examination at both the beginning and ending of the school year. 

Autumn Course - September to December

This program runs from September to December. It is intended for those who wish to study at Oaklawn during the first four months of the Annual Course. 

Extended Autumn Course – September to February

The Winter Course is intended for those who wish to study at Oaklawn during the first six months of the Annual Course.

Spring Course - January to June

This program is offered to students who wish to finish their school year at Oaklawn.  Those who enroll in this program arrive in early January and stay until the end of the school year. Students follow the same schedule of activities as those enrolled in the Annual Course.

Oaklawn offers its academic courses for young men in grades 7 through 9.  All students will take diagnostic tests in English and Math at the beginning of the year. Based on the test scores students will be placed in groups according English level:

 • Advanced English level

 • Intermediate English level

 • Beginning English level


Within each group students will be placed in sub-groups according to math level:

 • Integrated Math

 • Fundamentals of Algebra

 • Algebra I

 • Algebra II


Groups will meet for classes according to English levels, with the exception of mathematics. All students will have the following classes each week:

 • English Grammar and Composition (5 classes per week)

 • English Literature (5 classes per week)

 • Math (5 classes per week)

 • Science (5 classes per week)

 • World History and Geography (5 classes per week)

 • U.S. History and Geography (2 classes per week)

 • Catholic Formation (2 classes per week)

 • Spanish (2 classes per week)

 • Music (3 classes per week)

 • Computer Skills (1 class per week)

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