Academic Awards

As a new marking period begins with each term, students should be motivated to strive to achieve high standards of performance. At the end of each term, student achievement will be recognized as follows:

  • Director’s Honor Roll Term Diploma- The students who obtain an academic average of 92  or above in a Term
  • Academic Improvement – Students who improve 10 points or more from one term to the next.

The Term Honor Roll and Academic Improvement certificates are presented to the students in a special lunch with all faculty members present. Honor Roll students sit at the table with the Faculty.

The academy holds its annual awards ceremony at the end of the school year to honor and recognize the achievements of its students. In that ceremony, in addition to the medals for the highest average in each subject, the following two medals are also awarded:

  • Director’s Honor Roll Medal- Those students who obtain a final average between 90 and 94 

Excellence Medal – Those students who obtain a final average of 95 or above

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