Oak International endeavors to ensure applicants have all necessary information regarding registration procedures. 

Compliance with admission requirements in a timely fashion will help secure a place at one of the academies.  Those who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to space availability when the admission forms arrive to the desired Academy. In the case of two simultaneous admission requests, preference will be given based on academic grades. 

Note:  Application does not imply admission of the candidate.  In fact, any application may be accepted or rejected by the Academy.  We urge you to take this into account so that the students are not left without the corresponding registration in their current school.  Parents should avoid clothing and equipment expenses, as well as airline ticket purchase, until the official Academy acceptance letter is received by families.


Application & Registration Steps

1.  Internet Registration
2.  Application 
3.  Sending the application 
4.  Official admission resolution 
5.  Payment of Guarantee Deposit (“Booking Fee”) 


The application process at Oaklawn Academy for Annual courses and Summer Camps consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1.Application
Stage 2.Offer
Stage 3.Supporting documentation
Download the Leaflet 2017-2018 here for more details on each stage.


Once you have read the Leaflet you can start a new application. Here the steps to start a new application:

1. Create a Parent/Guardia account here. If you already have an account go to step #3.

2. Activate your account

3. Sign in here

4. Create a new Student Application

5. Complete Stage 1

6. Wait for an Offer. Stage 2

7. Complete Stage 3

8. Wait for Acceptance

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