The academy is committed to providing all students with a safe environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. Knowing how to keep boundaries and establishing acceptable and unacceptable ways to display affection contribute to maintaining this safe environment for all.

Child Protection:  At Oaklawn Academy, the welfare of the child is the first and paramount consideration. All children have a fundamental right to be respected, nurtured, cared for and protected. Therefore, all those who collaborate in Oaklawn Academy, are properly trained in accordance with the Child Safeguarding Policy of the Legion of Christ.  Furthermore, Oaklawn Academy is accredited by Praesidium Inc., a leading company in abuse risk management, based in the United States of America.  Every member of the staff at Oaklawn Academy completes Praesidium training, on an ongoing basis.  Every volunteer and staff member at Oaklawn also takes the “Virtus” course, which is in accordance with the requirements of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Life at Oaklawn:

Students participate in daily mass, study and attend classes, eat their meals, sleep, shower, practice sports, and enjoy recreational time all within the same building.   The 4 story building houses reception, dining, kitchen, laundry, classrooms, swimming pool, two games rooms, chapel, library, auditorium, two gymnasiums, infirmary, dormitories and shower/restroom facilities.  Our staff is dedicated to supervising students 24 hours per day.  The co-workers who remain with the students are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR.    

Our dorms are newly renovated, allowing students more space for their personal belongings and a modern comfortable setting for sleep and relaxation.    

Security cameras on several floors provide added protection for students and staff.  

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