Every week, Oaklawn students enjoy a planned outing.

  • Six Flags Great America Theme Park
  • Wisconsin Dells Water Parks
  • Wisconsin State Parks
  • Chicago attractions​
  • Skiing​
  • Bowling​
  • Movies​
  • Laser Tag​
  • Gurnee Mills, Ilinois​
  • And more . . .


Oaklawn students can experience two optional long trips during the school year.

In November, the students travel to Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York City where they learn more about the history and culture of the United States and also have the opportunity to enjoy a Broadway show and professional sporting events.  This is a seven-day trip. 

In the springtime, the students can enjoy a twelve-day trip to Italy, which includes visits to the Vatican, the Coliseum and other beautiful places of Rome.  Other cities included in the itinerary are Florence, Pompeii, Pisa and Maranello. Being close to the Holy Father is one of the highlights of a year at Oaklawn Academy.


Students participate in daily mass, study and attend classes, eat their meals, sleep, shower, practice sports, and enjoy recreational time all within the same building.   

Our dorms are newly renovated, allowing students more space for their personal belongings and a modern comfortable setting for sleep and relaxation.    

Security cameras on several floors provide added protection for students and staff. 

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