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Why Oaklawn

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Academic excellence begins at Oaklawn.

Why Oaklawn Academy

At Oaklawn Academy, we aim to provide our students with a ‘home away from home’ environment. In a safe, healthy and well-supervised environment where their Catholic faith is also nurtured. He has the opportunity to:

1. Learn English or Improve his English

Through our English immersion program, ESL classes,TOEFL Jr testing.

4. Make New friends

From many countries.

7. Study

Under the leadership of qualified and dedicated teachers and staff

10. Receive Personal Academic Attention

With the assignment of an Academic Advisor.

2. Develop Academic Skills

By participation in spelling bees, geography bees, hands on science experiments.

5. Practice and Participate in a Variety of Sports

Through our organized clinics, including archery, baseball, basketball, climbing, conditioning, fishing, golf, horseback riding, hockey (ice and rollerblade), soccer (indoor and outdoor), swimming, and tennis.

8. Grow

In maturity, responsibility and independence.

11. Explore New Places

With weekly outings to beautiful Wisconsin State Parks, major attractions in some of the cities of the Midwest, including Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, skiing during the winter months, indoor and outdoor water parks at beautiful Wisconsin Dells (the water park capital of the world) and a vast variety of other group outings.  Our students participate in chess tournaments, soccer tournaments, cross country events and 3K and 5K races with other groups, schools, and communities.

3. Organize and Participate in Short Trips

Destinations of our recent short trips included Boston, Michigan, Minneapolis, and Orlando.

6. Explore Interests Through our Elective Clubs

Some of the clubs recently offered include:  chess, drawing, iron chef, miniature models, musical instruments, year book.

9. Giving Back to the Community

Through volunteer efforts and service opportunities.

12. Access to the Sacraments

and spiritual guidance.


We are accredited by AdvanceED which is the world’s largest education community, with over 100 years of experience in accreditation. In March 2012, Oaklawn Academy was awarded the Praesidium Accreditation by Praesidium, Inc., the leader in abuse risk management.

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AdvancED is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide and to effectively drive student performance and continuous improvement in education.  Our accreditation is valid through June 2019.

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Praesidium Accreditation

To attain Praesidium Accreditation, Oaklawn Academy underwent a rigorous risk assessment to review and scrutinize eight primary operational areas within its business, including:  policies, screening and selection, training, monitoring and supervision, consumer participation, feedback systems, responding and administrative systems.  Assessment results were benchmarked against 800 best practice standards and empirically based data collection methods to assess the risk of abuse in an organization.  We continue to uphold fundamental organizational values and stringent safety practices that demonstrate our commitment to protecting those in our care from abuse.