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Academic excellence begins at Oaklawn.

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Oak International endeavors to ensure applicants have all necessary information regarding registration procedures.

Compliance with admission requirements in a timely fashion will help secure a place at one of the academies. Those who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to space availability when the admission forms arrive to the desired Academy. In the case of two simultaneous admission requests, preference will be given based on academic grades.

Note: Application does not imply admission of the candidate. In fact, any application may be accepted or rejected by the Academy. We urge you to take this into account so that the students are not left without the corresponding registration in their current school. Parents should avoid clothing and equipment expenses, as well as airline ticket purchase, until the official Academy acceptance letter is received by families.

Application & Registration Steps

1.  Internet Registration – The most relevant information about the applicant and her family are requested by the online registration. Parent must create an account to start a new application for their child.

2.  Application – Includes all documents required to complete the student’s file. The medical, psychological and academic profiles of the applicant are very important for an adequate evaluation. The parent’s consent form, the principal’s recommendation and other forms allow us to complete the applicant’s profile.

3.  Sending the Application – Parents must complete all forms required in order to submit the application including the visit with the Psychologist (for academy courses). Applications must be completed, including the required documents, signatures and requested information. Parents are ultimately responsable for the information sent. Parents must authorize the Psychologist to send the reports by electronic mail or upload to the Oak Academy’s site. This information is confidential and will be viewed by authorized staff only.

4.  Official Admission Resolution – The Admission Board will ensure all accepted candidates have a similar profile, creating an ideal formative environment. For this reason, admission is limited to a selected group of students. Individual admission decisions are sent to the applicants by e-mail; parents are encouraged to check their e-mail account regularly.

5.  Payment of Guarantee Deposit – The booking fee must be paid in advance to book the student’s place. The payment is exclusively for accepted students. The amount of this deposit is deducted from the first tuition payment according to the selected payment plan. The deposit guarantees the student a place in the Academy, and this payment is not refundable under any circumstances.

Official Admission Resolution (Admission Decision)

1.  Admission Confirmation – The Academies will inform the applicant’s parents directly through e-mail, about the acceptance or denial of the student. For this reason, please ensure that the main email address given on the application/registration form is correct.

After a candidate’s full documentation has been received, parents will receive the Acceptance Terms and Conditions booklet, which they must sign to acknowledge having read and agreed to it. Once returned the admission application enters the review process, at which time the candidate is considered for admittance.

2.  Candidate Waiting List – Applications arriving after the application deadline are subject to a waiting period and will compete for available space in each level, depending upon student cancellations or rejected cases.

Student Visas

After the acceptance letter, the family will receive directly from the Academy, or through an Oak promoter or representative, the form required to apply for a student visa for the country of your choice (if applicable). This requirement is mandatory for the student’s admission. The student’s parents must initiate the process of obtaining the visa when required.

The Oak promoter or representative may advise you about this process.

Gender and Age

Under no circumstances will the guarantee deposit be reimbursed, since it covers a series of expenses administration work, courier services, information and communication expenses, and promoters’ stipends.

In all cases the Board of Directors have the final decision upon a candidate’s acceptance and his temporary or definitive rejection.

Important Notes:

·Age-limit reference is September 1st of current year for Annual, Autumn and Spring Courses; July 1st for Summer Courses.

·Autumn Courses are exclusively for students from countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

·Spring Courses are subject to space.

·Junior High School and High School courses can be taken either by semester or annually. Full year candidates take preference. Applications per semester are subject to space.

Psychology, Health and Ethics

Programs, activities and schedules are designed to achieve harmonious development among students. For this reason candidates are required to be in good physical and mental health. Poor health may limit admission chances.

9th Grade Applicants (Third Year of Secondary School)

Because it is a school grade with proven adaptation issues, applicants must pass through several filters that will insure their integration and guarantee a nice and prosperous stay.

For this reason, selection is more careful and detailed. It is requested that the application must include the written comments resulting from an interview with a Legionnaire or an International Educator chosen for this purpose.

Family Support

Parents of children admitted are asked to support the school’s moral formation by encouraging their child to comply with the standards and regulations of each academy. They are further asked to supply and complete accurate records for each candidate.

School Credit

It is indispensable that all courses taken in previous school periods be accredited. Students will not be allowed to repeat passed or failed school courses.

Our educational centers’ reputation for academic excellence requires that all candidates maintain an average grade of 75% to be considered for admittance.

The following table expresses minimum overall average requirements by country to be eligible for admission