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Make a new family

Every student is screened for skills and strengths in his command of the English language, and also in mathematics.  Based upon the results of the screening assessments, our students are placed into groups with students of similar English skill level and of similar math skill level.

An amazing staff of teachers work with the students in a classroom ratio no larger than 20 : 1.

Classes are held five days per week.  Each school day begins at 8:55AM and ends at 4:12PM.  Seven 42-minute class periods accommodate daily classes of English Grammar & Composition, English Literature, Mathematics, World History & Geography, and Science.  US History & Geography, Spanish, Computer Skills, Music, and Catholic Formation are offered once or twice per week.    A 50 minute morning recess and a 50 minute lunch period allow the students plenty of time to refresh themselves from the classroom work.

Evenings include study hall time.  Each term, teachers assess the progress of students, and might recommend that a student receive “guided study hall”, where a teacher will work with the student during study time.

Every student will have an Academic Advisor who will meet with the students monthly to ensure that students are progressing and achieving.  If there are any areas of difficulty, the Academic Advisor will work together with the student and staff to make strides toward resolution and improvement.

Daily Schedules

Class Days


Outing Days

Clothing List

Clothes students should bring for the school year

2  sweaters

4  pairs of casual pants (jeans, etc)

4  casual shirts

2  white polo shirts (all white)

4  white short sleeve dress shirts with button down collar (all white)

2  brown belts

15  sets of underwear and white undershirts

10  pairs of brown socks

10  pairs of white socks

2  pairs of brown dress shoes (leather, not suede or fabric)

2  pairs of tennis shoes

1  pair of soccer shoes (no metal cleats)

1  pair of swimming trunks

2  pairs of shorts

1  track suit:  sweatshirt, pants and lightweight jacket (color blue is preferred)

4  pajamas (2 for spring, 2 for winter)

1  bathrobe (at least knee length)

2  complete sets of toiletries (comb, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste,

shoe polish, nail clipper, etc)

3  sets of thermal underwear (long sleeve undershirt and long johns). *

Winter jacket *

Snow pants *

Snow boots *


  * These items can be purchased at the academy

Articles students will receive at Oaklawn Academy for the school year

2 sweaters for ordinary uniform

1 vest for ordinary uniform

1 short sleeve blue polo shirt

1 long sleeve blue polo shirt

4 white dress long sleeve shirts for ordinary uniform

3  pairs of khaki uniform pants

1 blue blazer for gala uniform

1 blue jacket

4 pairs of sports shorts for clinics

4 sports t-shirts for clinics

2 ties for ordinary uniform

2 towels

4 laundry bags