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Summer camp at Oaklawn Academy is called “Camp Koshkonong”. The camp is for boys ages 8 – 13 and is generally held during the month of July, for four weeks. Students can enroll for one, two, three or the entire four week program.

English Camp & English Lessons:

The campers will receive three 30 minute English classes each day, four days per week.  Participants are grouped according to their level of English.  There are classes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced English abilities.  They will have opportunities to practice their English in a Science Classroom setting, through fun, hands-on science experiments.  Our History Classroom presents an opportunity for the boys to learn English as they “Run Through Time” with history and geography lessons.  The Introduction to English Literature Class will give campers exposure to English reading, writing, and speaking.  These classes provide each child with the necessary tools to develop a good understanding of the English language and also provide a suitable environment to practice spoken English.


Each day at Camp Koshkonong begins with a visit to the chapel and Mass, where the boys can build a closer relationship with God.

Everyone prays together before each meal. During their meals together, the boys learn about sharing and the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves, putting away their chairs and dirty plates.

Sportsmanship and camaraderie are developed and reinforced as the boys live and play together.

Boys who attend Camp Koshkonong are also encouraged to develop good personal habits. We work with them to keep their belongings and personal areas neat and clean, as well as develop personal hygiene habits.


Campers can choose to learn and practice various sports, including Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Fishing, Golf, Horsemanship, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, and Wall Climbing.